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 Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog
Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog is a California Certified Smog Testing and Repair Station for Hemet CA with experienced and professional smog experts providing the very best possible smog testing and repair services in the Hemet area. Please call for pricing at (951) 925-2560. We Smog Diesel! Smog Check Hemet CA.
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Smog Test Hemet CA
Diamond Valley Auto and Smog is a dealer-alternative auto service and repair shop in Hemet, CA. All repairs are done by trained and experienced technicians. We keep all records of services and repair performed on all of your vehicles thereby preserving your warranty.
We offer friendly and courteous service with a 12 month, 12,000 mile, warranty on all services and repairs completed at Diamond Valley Auto and Smog. We use only top quality parts and lubricants.
In California, not all vehicles have to be smog-checked, and we'll inform you about whether your vehicle needs it. For example, California vehicle emissions control laws and regulations require a smog check when:
* Your CA Registration Renewal Notice says "Smog Certification Required."
Most vehicles registered in this state have to pass a smog check every two years, and the DMV will let you know when your vehicle's smog check time is coming up.
* You are selling your vehicle (you must get a Smog Certificate before you can complete the sale).
* You're bringing your vehicle into California to be registered (you can't get it registered until you've gotten the Smog Certificate).
* PLEASE REMEMBER: We are NOT a smog check TEST ONLY station, however we are a state licensed TEST & REPAIR station. We can test those vehicles directed to a smog check station for testing, we can NOT test vehicles directed to go to a smog check TEST ONLY station. We are licensed to diagnose and repair vehicles that fail a smog check inspection anywhere. Customers are advised to call us to speak with our smog service adviser regarding any questions with the smog check program.
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Every question you may have about smog testing probably has an answer on the State of California's Bureau of Automotive Repair website, www.smogcheck.ca.gov.
Smog Check Hemet CA - Call Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog, Hemet CA for your smog service appointment at 951-925-2560 today. Or, just come on by 1251 W. Acacia Ave. Ste. B, Hemet, CA 92543 . We're here to service all of your automotive care and repair needs.
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 Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog
 Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog
Bring your vehicle in today. Or, if you prefer, call for a scheduled appointment. We are determined to win you over with great customer service, great pricing, and great work.
Phone 951-925-2560.
Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog is the preferred
Dealer-Alternative in Hemet!

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Diamond Valley Auto Repair and Smog keeps records of all your vehicle services and repairs.
Your vehicle warranty is always preserved. Our friendly technicians are trained and certified.
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